Chris Algieri: Jr. Welterweight Prospect on the Rise


As most fight fans already know, Jr. welterweight prospect Chris Algieri (19-0 8KO’s) won a unanimous decision over Emmanuel Taylor (17-2 12 KO’s) in the main event this past Friday on ESPN Friday Night Fights. 

Through the eyes of many fans, Algieri was largely looked at as an untested prospect heading into his fight with Emmanuel Taylor.  Most viewed it as an extremely competitive fight and many believed Algieri was perhaps biting off more than he can chew by agreeing to fight Taylor at this stage of his young career.  However, Algieri proved those critics wrong and dominated a flat footed Taylor to a unanimous decision victory.  In the victory over Taylor, Algieri showed some good qualities such as athleticism, a strong left hand and an awkward style. 

Standing at 5’10, he possesses very good size for the 140lb weight class and should try to use his height advantage a little better than he does.  He is also an extremely confident fighter stating, “With the right training camps and right preparation, I think that we can be ready for anyone in the world.”

He also revealed what his desires are for his career’s immediate future by saying, “I think I belong on Showtime and HBO, I would like to see that next.” It seems as though his fight with Taylor has added to his confidence and has given him valuable experience being that it was a step up in competition for the 29 year old. 

However, in my humble opinion a few more fights on ESPN against C level fighters would be beneficial for him before taking on higher tier competition on one of the premium networks such as HBO or Showtime.  I believe Chris has to get more comfortable fighting on television and should fight a few more opponents that will push him and give him some tuff rounds before he tries to take on the elite fighters in the 140lb division.  Too many fighters these days drastically step up their level of competition at once or perhaps get rushed into a title fight to soon without enough experience.  It would be a shame if Chris Algieri ends up getting rushed into a fight he shouldn’t take and I hope his handlers bring him up properly.       


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