Chris Algieri “Elite level guys from here on out. That’s where I am; where I belong”

Amir Khan Chris Algieri

Amir Khan Chris Algieri

Amir Khan sent social media buzzing announcing that he would be fighting Chris Algieri on his wife’s YouTube Channel two weeks ago. The only problem with that is the buzz has died down regarding that fight, and Khan has since reneged that the fight is a done deal

Chris Algieri was on hand on Saturday’s PBC on NBC and said that the fight is still in the works, and hopefully it can be made.

“Boxing is a complicated business, a lot of politics involved and there’s still time for that fight to happen, hopefully, we’ll know sooner than later,” Algieri told “I got it the same way, and I talked to my people and they told me hold up don’t say anything yet because it’s really not confirmed. So it’s a little bit of jumping the gun, so we’ll see what happens.”

Algieri has been a 140lber for most of his boxing career. He did fight Manny Pacquiao at a catch weight of 144 lbs. last November in Macao. The fight with Khan would most likely happen at the welterweight limit. Algieri feels he can fight at both weights depending on where the big fight is.

“I feel comfortable at both weight classes so wherever the best fights are at is where I’ll fight at. I love the Khan fight so for 147 is fine for this one,” said Algieri.

Algieri took some slack last time out for initially missing weight against his fight with Manny Pacquiao. However, he feels it was just a minor issue and could make both 140 and 147 if need be.

“I didn’t struggle so much to make the weight with the last fight so much it was more just a travel to China and the food out there,” explained Algieri. “We missed it by a couple ounces but we made it after with no problem. Either weight class is fine with me.”

Algieri is now with new trainer John David Jackson and will relocate to camp in Florida once a fight is announced. So it’s not looking back for Algieri from trainer to level of competition.

“Elite level guys from here on out. That’s where I am; that’s where I belong, and that’s where we’re going to stay.”