Christian Larrondo Wants Rematch With Stan Surmacz Ahumada, Calls Him a Bitch


    Christian Larrondo had his first fight in Canada back in September of 2017 when he took on Canadian heavyweight Adam Braidwood. Many had written him off due to appearance  . He doesn’t have a muscular physique and was smaller than Braidwood. Fans did not expect Larrondo to put up the fight that he did and many believe he came close to stopping Braidwood. Larrondo ended up losing that fight but he won in the sense that the fans loved him and his performance in the ring. With that, he was granted a second shot at fighting in Edmonton December of last year against Edmonton’s Stan Surmacz Ahumada.

    There were quite a few in the boxing community that was discussing the December fight with me at the weigh-ins and expected Larrondo to stop the Edmontonian fighter but things didn’t work out that way. Larrondo put pressure on his opponent throughout the fight but Ahumada would potshot and clench quite often which left many fans ringside wondering why he was not penalized and disqualified. By the end of the fight, the hometown fighter was being booed by the crowd and Larrondo was given a standing ovation.

    After the fight, I approached Larrondo and he told me that Ahumada was a “bitch that did not want to fight.” A month-and-a-half later, Larrondo still feels the same way and he wants a rematch because he feels he got screwed over.

    “For me, he is the type of person that does not want to fight and that’s why I called him a bitch,” Larrondo told Tha Boxing Voice. ” He was hugging me the whole time during the fight. Even after all this time, he is still a bitch. I want a rematch with him. I know how he fights and I know what I have to do but he will more than likely fight the same. I will work on a few strategies but in reality, he does not like to fight and all he likes to do is hug.”

    Julio Garcia