Christopher Lovejoy Surprised To See His Name Listed On BoxRec For Upcoming Fight


There has been a bit of talk going around about a fight card involving Don King early this year. What would a Don King fight card without a bit of controversy be? Boring! That’s what.

On BoxRec it has Christopher Lovejoy listed S fighting Bermaine Stiverne at the end of the month. What’s the issue with that you may ask? It’s elementary my dear Watson,  Lovejoy was completely unaware of the fight until it was pointed out to him. So in other words, there is some fuckery afoot.

“I called Don King up today and say ‘what’s up with this fight man? Is this the fight you was talking about?’ And then he says ‘yeah, yeah I told you everything is good.'” Lovejoy stated in a video posted to his Twitter. 

Lovejoy knows better than to assume everything is set in stone and told King when he gets a contract with a date, opponent,  location, and a deposit then they can talk about it.  The scheduled date according to BoxRec is January 29th.