Claressa Shields and Eddie Hearn trade words on Twitter


Last Saturday was a big night for Claressa Shields as she became undisputed in two weight divisions simultaneously.  The celebration did not last long as fans and promoters are already moving into the conversation in what’s next for Shields.

There are those that want to see a fight with the winner of McCaskill – Brækhus or a fight against Katie Taylor but one name keeps getting mentioned, Savannah Marshall. 

Marshall is the only fighter ever to hold a victory over Shields and that happened when they fought as amateurs.  Marshall has gone 9-0, 7 KO’s since turning pro and the demand is there for a rematch with Shields. It’s a fight that Eddie Hearn thinks Marshall will not just win but by stoppage and it should be a two-fight deal.

Hearn’s comments on the potential fight grabbed Shields’s attention who in turn called Hearn a clown, and the two interacted in a series of Tweets.

1. CS: Lol Eddie Hearn you just became a clown in my eyes. Not only would she not be able to beat me but for you to say “Stops me” you are biggest dozer of them all. Get the money right, til then I don’t need you or Marshall.

EH: *dosser

CS: You get the picture, Get the money right and stop trying to build Marshall off my accomplishments. Be a promoter and promote her, off her own name. Loser.

EH: She’s doing fine – has two big networks behind her and fights again on April 10. Hopefully we can get it made.

2. CS:  I hate being disrespected by a silver spoon fed ass person. Eddie Hearn has never laced up a pair of gloves nor been in a fight to even say that a 2X UNDISPUTED CHAMPION, 3X DIVISION WORLD CHAMPION, 2X OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST would get stopped. Clown.

EH: Now you are just using my name to build your profile.

CS: Never have I ever. After you get the money right and I whoop Marshall ass, I’m gonna throw you a pair of gloves and you gotta go a round with me for talking all this shit. 3 minutes Shields Vs Hearn.

EH: That would be your biggest PPV.

CS: That would be your biggest ass whoopin too.

EH: My honest opinion is that Marshall beats you but you definitely beat me. I could never fight but I can do great business so fingers crossed.

CS: Eddie your opinion is yours, I can’t take that away from you. Get the offer right big guy. Now I have some training to do.

EH: Good luck – you are welcome in Dallas this week with your team to watch McCaskill Braekhus 2 and maybe we could all try and sit down and get a deal done. 

3. CS: I like to start my mornings positive. If Eddie Hearn has anything to say to me he should be saying congrats! None of his fighters can do what I’ve already done in 11 fights.

EH: You seem to be starting this one positively. I’m a big fan of yours Claressa..I just think Savannah Marshall beats you.