Claressa Shields on possible Marshall fight: the great white hope will be no more


    Claressa Shields may be running out of options and weight classes that she can make safely in boxing. I’m pretty sure she does not feel like facing the same fighter multiple times in rematches to stay busy and/or improve her record. That could be one of her motives for moving into MMA, to get more competition. There is some unfinished business in boxing that fans want to see happen and those fans want to see it soon. 

    Savannah Marshall is the know fighter to hold a victory over Shields in boxing. That victory came about in the amateurs and both have gone on to do well for themselves. Shields would tell you that she had done more as a boxer than Marshall has since they met and she’s not wrong.

    While both have become champions as a pro, Shields has two Olympic Gold Medals and is a simultaneous undisputed world champion. The only thing missing for Shields to seal the deal on who is better is avenging her loss to Marshall.

    Marshall’s promoter Eddie Hearn feels it’s a fight Shields can’t win and it will not go the distance.

    Those comments got under Shields skin who then Tweeted about getting paid accordingly to destroy the “Great white hope.”

    “Eddie can say what he wants,” stated Shields. “He know he get the money right that the great white hope will be no more.”

    Marshall responded to Shields questioning the GWH issue and stated that her color wouldn’t matter because Shields would get knocked out regardless.

    Shields did not hold back on her response to Marshall and fired off a few other Tweets taking stabs at her rival.

    “You can’t knock me out, nor knock me down. Be lucky if you win 1 rd! Soon as Eddie get the money right you’re getting starched! You only fight people 1 week notice, not even a real champ! What’s your biggest achievement in boxing. ‘Beating a 17 yearr old but losing both Olympics.'”

    “Marshall will hold for dear life in our fight just like everyone else. But she will take a serious ass whoopin & if the KO comes I’ll get it!”

    “It’s easy to call yourself a KO artist when you are fighting people with losing records & giving opponents a 1 week notice, 3 day notice. I’m happy with being 11-0 2 KOs cause I KO’d a undefeated 17-0 world champ & everyone else were skilled champs who had winning records.”

    “Man talk A lot and ain’t even fought a top 10 fighter! Her team is doing her injustice by padding her record cause when we fight she gonna Wish she was better prepared!

    “Marshall not stronger than me that’s the first funny thing and ‘if’ she was! You gotta have more than power to win a fight against me damn fools.”