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Friday 25th July 2014,
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Collazo: I Humbled Ortiz

Gil Aviles Tuesday, February 4, 2014 Featured No Comments
Collazo: I Humbled Ortiz

In another interview with Luis Collazo, coming off of his impressive win over Victor Ortiz at the BarclaysCenter, this past Thursday night.  The Boxing Voice caught up with the former WBA, welter weight champion. They congratulated the jovial Collazo and asked him a few questions. 

Did you envision the fight ending this way, coming into the fight?  Did you see yourself knocking out Ortiz in the second round? 

Collazo responded by saying, “To be honest, not a knock out, but yes coming out with the victory.  I am surprised that it ended so soon.  He never gave me credit for my punching power a lot of people don’t, because I don’t have a lot of knock outs.”

They pointed out to Luis that Victor Ortiz’ gave him full credit for the win and that he did not make any excuses, calling Luis a world class fighter, and one of the top welter weights in the division. 

Collazo’s reaction was, “I will take that, he gave me credit. Before the fight he gave me no credit.  He was looking past me but you know, I guess I humbled him a little bit.” He has set himself up for some bigger fights, with this superb knock out of a very well know fighter in Ortiz good luck to both boxers as they move forward with their careers.

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