Curtis Stevens On The N’Dam Fight, Peter Quillin and a Rematch With GGG

    untitledAfter the Kovalev fight, we had a chance to speak with Curtis Stevens. We asked him if he was disappointed that his promotor lost the purse bid for his upcoming title eliminator against Hassan N’Dam. Stevens told that it didn’t really matter to him. He even saw the positive side of it. ”If they did bid higher, it’s more money for me. So I’m happy!”
    The eliminator to fight the IBF middleweight champion, Sam Soliman, will take place on Wednesday October 1st and will be broadcasted by ESPN2. About Sam Soliman the Brooklyn native told us, ”He got a lot of tricks on him. He is a crafty fighter. But I just gotta cut him up and chop him down.”
    Stevens also reflected on his loss to Gennady Golovkin. ”I was no walk in the park for him. It just happened. After that loss I just gotta go back to the drawing bord and make some corrections”, he told us. He later continued, ”Who said that shit that Geale was going to make it tougher for Golovkin than i did? Man, that’s some bullshit!” 
    The upcoming schedule for Curtis Stevens seems pretty secure. Looking forward to whoever he might face after N’Dam and Soliman, Stevens gave us the political answer when asked about a potential rematch with Tureano Johnson. ”Only if the money is right. Dollars gotta make sense.” About Quillin he was more outspoken, “He doesn’t want to fight me now, why would I fight him then?”
    What became pretty clear was that above all, Stevens wants to fight one fighter again. “I want another shot at Gennady Golovkin!”