Cuty Barrera “We’re Prepared to go 12 Rounds, but we Didn’t Come to Hide”


Cuty BarreraThe man who will be in the corner of Lucas Matthysse this weekend knows what to expect. He expects a war, and although Matthysse is the better boxer between him and his opponent Ruslan Provodnikov, he understand that Matthysse must go to war to some extent to win the fight.

“The one who hits first will win the fight,” Cuty Barrera told “We’re prepared to go 12 rounds, but we didn’t come to hide; we’re going to box and fight. We have one way of boxing, and that’s fighting. You guys know what you get with Lucas, and the one who gets off first will win.”

Matthysse has been dropped in his most recent fights with Danny Garcia and John Molina. Barrera says it’s just something that comes with fighting at the elite level.

“It’s a good shot. At this level, everyone hits hard,” said Barrera.

So he knows that either man could hit the canvas at any time. That’s why he wants Lucas to attack first but with intelligence.

“We have two punches so whoever hits first will win,” Barrera reiterated. “It’d be good to box but if you got a big puncher in there and he hits you hard first, what good is just boxing going to be? We have to be attentive, punch hard, bend the knees. Lucas is very intelligent in the ring, and he’ll know when he needs to bang and box.”

With a victory in a fight of the year type fight, Matthysse’s future would be open to a lot of options. Once an Al Haymon fighter, Barrera feels Matthysse made the right decision to be exclusively with Golden Boy Promotions.

“The important thing is we win and then we have whoever Golden Boy puts in front of us. He’s happy with his team and confident in them.”