Cyborg sees no Issue with the Paul bros in Boxing


The boxing world is pretty divided when it comes to Jake and Logan Paul. The older more traditional fans seem more against it. They are more accustomed to the ways of fighters being built up before the spotlight is thrust upon them. It doesn’t matter if you were a star or won an Olympic gold medal, you had to pay your dues. The younger generation of fans is into social media and the hype it brings with it. You see it in every sport now so to see it with boxing is not a surprise. What you don’t see is people from social media jumping into other sports instantly as a professional. 

MMA star and legend Cris “Cyborg” Justino sees nothing wrong with the Paul Brothers in boxing. They are athletic and work really hard and their followers on social media it will bring those followers to the sport. She especially sees improvement in Jake.

“They’re different,” said Cyborg on The Catch Up. “They’re athletes.  Before they did wrestling in high school. You can see in the last fight that Paul did great. He improved.  He is getting better. He has a lot of followers that follow him and like to watch him. They don’t just talk, talk, talk. They’re training hard to do their best. They want to be real fighters and give good fights for the fans.”

Jake Paul fought and knocked out Nate Robinson on the undercard of Mike Tyson – Roy Jones Jr. last November.