Daniel Cormier Gives Logan Paul Props; Tiara Brown Responds


    Mayweather-Paul…was it everything you hoped it would be?

    The world is on an exhibition and those from both boxing and MMA have a lot to say about it. The fans, they are something else.

    Did Floyd live up to what he said he would do prior to the fight and beat the brakes off of a YouTuber and stop him or did he do what he’s said prior to previous fights before? Did Logan surpass your expectations? He did for former two-division UFC Champion Daniel Cormier.

    “Hats off to Logan Paul,” Tweeted Cormier. “He went eight rounds with [the] greatest boxer over. Not a good look for Floyd.

    A fan was quick to point out the age difference between Mayweather and Paul plus the weight difference. Floyd boxed like he usually does and Paul used his size and weight to try and wear Mayweather down. The fan also got backing from Tiara Brown.

    “You are absolutely correct,” responded Brown. “Too bad most people Tweeting know nothing about real boxing.”