Danny Garcia: Puerto Rico Has No Champions?? Wrong! You Got Me. 100% Puerto Rican!


    On Saturday Puerto Rico’s last island born champion Roman “Rocky” Martinez lost his junior lightweight title to Miguel “Mikey” Garcia with a vicious body shot to put Martinez down for the count. Since then Puerto Rico has been without a champion, or do they still have one left?

    Danny “Swift” Garcia is a U.S. born Puerto Rican who insists that the island still has a champion and that champion is him. “I hear a lot of people saying Puerto Rico has no champions?? Wrong! You got me. 100% Puerto Rican,” said Garcia via Twitter.

    Garcia may become Puerto Rico’s next big champion but there may be some difficulty there. In Latin countries such as Puerto Rico and Mexico there is a rivalry between the natural born citizens of the country and then the citizens born abroad.


    1. Danny “Swift” Garcia is Philly’s first Latino world champion and believe me he also represents Puerto Rico, home of my all time favorite boxer Carlos Ortiz!

    2. The article wrote that there is a rivalry between naturally born PR’s to being born in the states…This is the worst kind of journalism because there is no such thing. There is a saying which is “from whatever” (como quiera) & it is stated that if your parents are from PR you are always one of there’s. So Danny Garcia proudly represents PR because we all know his father has that PR fire that has made him champion– so please let it be known that Danny is representing to his best ability the PR pride that he has earned!!!

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