Danny Garcia Says He Would Fight Mauricio Herrera Again If the Fans Want It


A little over a month has passed since WBA and WBC Junior Welterweight Champion Danny Garcia scored a disputed decision over Mauricio Herrera and questions still remain about what his next move will be. “I’m going to do 140 one more time because of the summer time and it’s back to back so I’ll be able to do it,” Garcia explained.

When asked who he’d like to fight next Garcia replied, “Whatever it doesn’t matter, you know me I never ducked anybody, so it is what it is. Whoever the promoters offer, I can say who I want but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, so it is what it is.”

Many people question whether or not the young Puerto Rican champion actually deserved the decision in his last fight against the cagey Herrera and when pressed about the topic Garcia had this to say, “No I won. That’s it. That’s what happened I won. At the end of the day people can say what they want to say and the only three people in the world that counts said I won and that’s all that matters.” He went on to explain, “It’s like, you know, when you’re fighting the underdog, it’s like, so people never heard of the guy I’m fighting, so they expect me to go in there and hit him with one shot and the fight was supposed to be over, but when they saw that he was fighting back I guess they gave him the benefit of the doubt. ‘Oh this guy is actually fighting back.’ It’s a championship fight that’s going to happen. It was a good fight. He got his. I got mine. At the end of the day I was the champion. Did I feel like I won the fight? Of course, that’s it, and we’re on to the next.”

After the way the fight with Herrera ended it would seem only logical that a rematch is in order, but Garcia didn’t give a definitive answer when asked whether or not he thinks Herrera deserves another shot at his titles. “Nah I gave him a shot. It’s whatever though. If that’s what the fans want and that’s what the promoter wants and that’s where the money is at, yeah I’ll give him a rematch. Why not? He gave me a good fight.”

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