Davis and Haney exchange verbal jabs on Twitter


    The boxing world was abuzz last night when Devin Haney took on Yuriorkis Gamboa. Haney is regarded as one of the best fighters in the lightweight division and last night was supposed to showcase that. Unfortunately for the young fighter, he seemed like a dud in the ring.

    Just a week ago Gervonta Davis took on Leo Santa Cruz and won via a spectacular knockout and his star shone brightly. Davis fought Gamboa last year so it is pretty clear people will be looking at both fights to determine who did better.

    Davis had an entertaining fight with Gamboa who was very active and put up a great fight despite being injured. Haney was dull and did not fight the same Gamboa in the ring. Davis’ victory was the more meaningful of the two and a foundation has been laid out for a battle between the two as they took to Twitter to throw verbal jabs at each other.

    “Hold up and ole boy posting me…just know I made more money than you last night and the other two people that fought the other night. All put together…CLOWNS” stated Davis via Twitter. “My daughter hit harder than ole boy wtf.” “How you making money and your cars not paid for..”

    Haney shot back at Davis, “I’m getting millions at 21 GOOFY.” “How much you made at 21? 30k?” “They say everything but let’s fight 🦆.” “The little fat boy hate me and fear me at the same time.”

    The rivalry is definitely picking up steam but will anything come of it? Hopefully, we don’t have to wait long to find out.