De La Hoya Slams Canelo, Canelo And Jermell Charlo Respond


    Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn…or a former promoter.

    Breakups are never easy. Sometimes the feeling is mutual and both sides leave with a piece of them missing but their dignity still intact. In the case of Canelo leaving Golden Boy, it was the simple case of it’s not me, it’s you.

    There have been issues since the beginning of Canelo working with GBP. Canelo was still under contract to a former promoter and ended up having to settle in court. The biggest fight of his career against Floyd Mayweather was both a high point and a low point. Without that fight, we would not have the Canelo of today but going into that fight Oscar De La Hoya trash-talked so much because of his rivalry with Mayweather and then ends up not being at the fight due to having to go to rehab.

    De La Hoya’s issues with drugs and alcohol did not stop there. He has been in rehab on more than one occasion and most recently was wasted from I don’t know what on Triller when he was giving commentary during the Jake Paul-Ben Askren card (Canelo had left GBP by then).

    In 2019 the rift between Canelo and De La Hoya was very apparent. Golden Boy cost Canelo the IBF Middleweight Title and there were some contract agreements GBP had with DAZN that conflicted with Canelo’s contract. If Canelo was not salty after having to give All-Star Boxing $8 Million, he sure as hell had plenty to be salty about now. Canelo had also stated during an interview in 2019 that De La Hoya had no loyalty in him. After the split Canelo spoke out on how De La Hoya looked out for himself mostly but has been seldom in his comments towards his former promoter.

    Recently GBP decided to strike back. Bernard Hopkins told Demetrius Andrade to become a serial stalker to Canelo in order to get that fight and most recently De La Hoya had some choice words for Canelo on Instagram.

    “Please,” stated De La Hoya. “This guy does everything wrong. Head up when he throws hooks, on his heels, flat footed. What else? Oh he avoids Jermell Charlo.”

    Canelo did not hesitate to retaliate.

    “Oh really you want me to talk,” responded Canelo. “Fucking traitor.” “Do me a favor and go fuck yourself.”

    Canelo’s retaliation is something we’ve most recently seen with Andrade after the Billy Joe Saunders fight. Canelo has had enough of people bad-mouthing him and has decided to defend himself and it’s got fans talking.

    Fans aren’t the only ones talking either. Jermell Charlo had something to say in response to De La Hoya.

    “Listen I don’t know if De La Hoya lying or not but in 2014 he promissed me or Gabe Rosado the winner [between the two to get] Canelo. I won, but [Canelo] ended up fighting Kirkland. Oscar gotta sick again. How do you go against your own countryman? Viva Mexico!”