DeCarree “Mac Truck” Scott in Action July 16th in ATL, Looks to Continue Impressive KO Streak


“Even when life hits you like a Mack truck that comes out of nowhere there is still a chance that you will survive.” – Shania Twain

If you get hit by DaCarree “Mack Truck” Scott (5-0, 5KO/TKOs) you may not survive long enough to make it out the round, something that every single one of his opponents can attest to at the professional level.

When compared to the other heavyweights in the division, there is a big difference in the way Scott is built. Scott could be compared to the version of Andy Ruiz that fought Anthony Joshua (in the first fight) for his height and speed. You would not normally look at a guy with his size and think that he is faster than his opponent, but that is exactly the case when it comes to Scott’s unassuming speed and agility. With his power and speed combination, it is like getting hit by a Mack truck, just as the nickname suggests.

Scott is a decorated amateur born in Denver, though he currently resides in Atlanta ever since moving there at age 11.  Scott began boxing as a 9yr old after being inspired by his mother, Sherita, who trained as a boxer for fitness purposes, and despite never competing in any formally sanctioned bouts, Sherita has had her share of sparring in the gym.

“Mac Truck” is scheduled to fight Jaden Booth (3-2) on July 16th in what will be his second outing of 2021. He’ll enjoy a home-field advantage as the Southpaw Promotions card will take place at the Buckhead Fight Club in Atlanta, but the card will be available on PPV. The two-day fight card will take place on Friday night — the card Mac is on — and Saturday night.

The 22 year old heavyweight is ready to capitalize on the momentum he has created with his trainer, Coach Mustafa.

“I’m just trying to show the world that I’m working hard at expanding my skill set,” Scott said. “Any card I’m on is my chance to steal the show, and you better believe that that’s my goal every time out.”

Scott debuted in 2020 and has quickly landed on the radar of many within the boxing community. Scott sparred with Roy Jones Jr. last year for Jones’s exhibition against Mike Tyson and the two went at it for four rounds. However, it is his time with Coach Mustafa that Mac Truck treasures the most.

“I got with Mustafa at the beginning of 2018 and we had a whole 6-8 months to just learn each other. We were traveling and I had never traveled before and all of a sudden I’m gone every weekend. It was so much fun.”

That kind of bonding is important for the fighter-trainer relationship. The best fighters throughout boxing’s history are more times than not accompanied by standout trainers, and that kind of partnership has to be cultivated. The potential in a partnership between Mac and Mustafa spells success.

On July 16th, Mac Truck will be one of the standout fighters competing. He will no doubt receive one of the loudest ovations walking into the ring, and it is a safe bet that he’ll produce the kind of action that generates an even louder response from the crowd.

Social media plays a big part in fighters’ careers in this generation and Scott has a tremendous social media following. Jump on the train now because this is a fighter with all the upside of an AMC or GameStop stock. His career is comparable to what crypto was in its early stages. Another words, BUY NOW.