Demetrius Andrade to BJS: Say My Name Bitch!


Demetrius Andrade is a tough-luck fighter. Not in the sense that the fights he has won goes the opposite direction but more along the lines of not being able to land a key fight. He has fought some names that at the time were relevant to somewhat relevant but fights against the likes of Jermell Charlo were supposed to happen but did not.

Being a world champion has not helped him land bigger fights either. Usually, you would have fighters clawing their way to try and take your title away but there few and few between those that want to take that risk.

So what’s Andrade to do about his situation? He should not have to beg people to fight him but a call-out might work and that’s exactly what he did 

“Whats good Billy Joe Saunders,” Tweeted Andrade. “You been silent mate…Let your people know you want to fight Demetrius Andrade! SAY MY NAME BITCH!”

Now, the ball is in Saunders court.