Dennis “The Menace” McCann seeks an opportunity to bring joy to a child


    Boxing is a brutal sport. Fighters put themselves through hell in the gym and compete in fights that are often adrenaline-filled and intense. But there’s another side to these gladiators that we don’t often see.

    Dennis “The Menace” McCann may be a “menace” in the ring, but he’s also got a big soft heart. McCann has reached out to a children’s hospital as he wants to bring joy to a child but has gotten zero responses.

    “I emailed Great Ormond St [Children’s Hospital and got] no respons,” stated McCann via Twitter. “I would absolutely love to give a child the experience to do a ring walk with me and also donate my fight gloves to a different child every fight and meet and greet with different children. #GiveBack RT to get a response for me please!”

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