Deontay Wilder KOs A Determined Nicolai Firtha in Four Rounds


In the opening fight of Showtime’s latest championship boxing broadcast, Deontay Wilder (30-0, 30 knockouts) took on Nicolai Firtha (21-11-1, 8 knockouts) in the sole heavyweight bout of the evening. To some, Deontay Wilder is a glimmer of hope for the heavyweight division’s future. To others, he is one of the most protected fighters in the sport today. To most however, the outcome versus Firtha seemed inevitable. As sure ass these outcomes may seem in Wilder’s latest match-ups there is no denying that Firtha didn’t try to capitalize on his opportunity.

As the bell signaled the start of the bout it was clear that Firtha was determined to pull the upset against Wilder. Throwing nothing but wild power shots, Firtha attacked Wilder early hoping to overwhelm and perhaps stop the prospect. Rather than get drawn into an unnecessary exchange of blows, Wilder managed to keep his composure and pick apart Firtha. Wilder sat on his shots and began landing with some consistency, dropping Firtha twice in the round.

In the rounds that followed, it was clear that Firtha was slowly growing more and more discouraged in his attempts at victory while Wilder continued to land blows. Firtha still proved to be a game opponent, but it was becoming obvious that Wilder was running the show as he continued winning rounds that to his fluid combinations.

Firtha continued standing in front of Wilder hoping to land the miracle shot that he so desperately needed, but in the fourth round Wilder managed to land a right that sent Firtha crashing onto the canvas. As he attempted to roll over and beat the count, the referee had seen enough to stop the fight, awarding Wilder another KO victory.

It’s hard to tell where Wilder exactly stands among some of the other names in the heavyweight division. As impressive as a 30-0 record seems on paper, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the victories have come against opponents who are little more than club-level fighters. Still, it’s hard not to get excited at the thought of a heavyweight that could seemingly change the landscape of an otherwise lackluster division. For now all one can do is wait to see just what kind of fighter (or champion) Wilder turns out to be, but until than all one can do is watch, hope, and continued to enjoy.