Deontay Wilder Lays The Smack Down On Cyber Bully


    Growing up we are told that we can be whatever we want to be but in modern times with the internet you can be as tough as you want to be. Take away the keyboard and go face to face with the person you are taunting and people see that your online persona was far from the truth and that’s exactly what happened to Charlie Zelenoff.

    Zelenoff has apparently trolled undefeated heavyweight fighter Deontay Wilder and taken shots at his daughter for years and believed in his own hype and recently challenged the “Bronze Bomber” to meet him at the Hollywood Boxing Gym in L.A. on Wednesday night to which Wilder took up the offer without hesitation.

    Zelenoff’s true colors showed from the beginning as he took a cheap shot at Wilder then ran out of the building only to later return and square off with Wilder for a short amount of time as Wilder knocked him on his ass twice and he just cowered there hesitating to get up. As Zelenoff gained the courage (or his stupidity is really that high) Wilder told him, “Don’t you ever call me a n*gger again. Don’t you ever say you’re going to tape my daughter. You’re lucky I’m a nice guy and did not run into you outside.”

    Zelenof tried to act tough and mouth off but would back away as Wilder was ready to pounce on him and then ran off stating, “I’m the best. I’m still the best.”