Devin Haney: I’m Pretty Boy Floyd Reincarnated


Being confident in life is important if you ever want to accomplish anything. If you have no faith in yourself you more than likely will never amount to anything. Sometimes someone can appear to be confident but they are more delusional than anything else.

Devin Haney right now is delusional for more than one reason. His thoughts on being the WBC Lightweight Champion are a delusion. Granted that the organization has given out belts like ecstasy at a rave and told each person that has swallowed that pill they are the man. His second delusion…like many others he believes himself to be the second coming of Floyd Mayweather.

“I’m PB (Pretty Boy) Floyd reincarnated… do the research look at the similarities in style & career,” Tweeted Haney. 

It’s a pretty bold statement by someone that has not stepped up yet against top-level competition. He may be as good as he believes bit he has a long way to go.