Devin Haney says Loma doesn’t deserve a rematch with Lopez


By: Julio Garcia

On October 17th Teófimo Lopez had a career-defining fight against Vasyl Lomachenko. Lopez showed his ring I.Q. and won a clear decision. In the first six rounds, Loma did next to nothing which easily put Lopez in a spot where he could have coasted.  Instead, Lopez continued doing what he had to do to assure his victory.

After the decision, Lomachenko was delusional and felt he took over the 2nd half of the fight (which would have earned him a draw if anything) but felt he won the fight. 

Once all was said and done Lomachenko ended up having to get surgery on his shoulder and it was assumed he would go down to 130 pounds but that seems to not be the case. Apparently, Lomachenko wants to stay at 135 pounds and wants a rematch with Lopez. There are mixed feelings on this throughout the boxing community but someone that’s wanted to fight Lomachenko for a while feels he doesn’t deserve the rematch.

“He don’t deserve [the] rematch,” Tweeted Devin Haney. “He didn’t throw punches for 6 rounds.”

Perhaps Haney and Lopez will get the chance to mix it up as both have thrown several verbal jabs towards each other.