Devon Alexander: “I Should Be Fighting Floyd Mayweather.”


Many fighters converged in Las Vegas for one of the biggest fights boxing has seen in years. Prior to “The One” weigh-ins, many of the sport’s top fighters were introduced to the crowd. One of these fighters was Devon Alexander. The product of a tough upbringing, Alexander feels humbled when he hears his name be announced next to the others that were on stage with him. “From the rough streets to sitting on the stage with some of the best boxers,” he continued, “it’s amazing, I’m humbled.” With the added exposure and the limelight shined on Alexander, he found a way to walk away with a lesson learned. “I learn how to take the pressure of being up there in front of the fans.”

For the past few months most of the Golden Boy fighters had scheduled fights or they were just waiting the outcome of some. Alexander has long been rumored to be fighting Amir “King “Khan. When asked how far the negotiations are and how likely we will he the fight, Alexander is optimistic that there will be a resolution soon. “It’s pretty close,” he continued, “I will be fighting Amir Khan”. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t mention that since this interview happened, Khan has risen as the front runner to a possible Mayweather match-up in May but the fight has not yet been made official. Both Alexander and Khan have been mentioned in the past as possible opponents for the pound for pound king but he feels that he should be the one getting the opportunity, “I should be fighting Floyd,” Alexander stated.

Alexander admits that a fight with Khan would be a good one but he doesn’t feel that Khan has fought the level opposition that he has. “Who has he beat?” he continued, “Put my resume up to his and it doesn’t match up, and I’ve beaten some top notch guys.” Both Khan and Alexander have fights with and wins over Marcos Maidana. In the fight with Khan, Maidana made a late rally in the fight almost stopping Khan. When Alexander fought Maidana, although there was a lot of holding, Alexander beat Maidana what appeared to be by a wide margin. “I practically shut out Maidana,” stated Alexander.

There’s no question that Amir Khan has an elite offensive boxing ability. When you ask diehard and most casual fans what Khan’s weakness is, the answer you get is that he can’t take a punch or he has no “chin”. It’s no secret and Alexander knows that this is a major flaw some fights have. “You either got a chin or you don’t.” He went on to say, “There’s nothing you can do to work towards getting a better chin.” Although Alexander is not known for his power, he thinks,  “If i touch him on his chin, he’s going to go down.”