Did Abner Mares Fake His Rib Injury For More Time To Prepare For Gonzalez?


    Earlier this week it was reported that former three division champion Abner Mares had suffered a rib injury while sparring in Mexico for his highly anticipated rematch with Jhonny Gonzalez who knocked Mares out and gave Mares the first loss of his career last August. But is Mares really injured?

    Reports have come from Mexico where Mares injury has been put into question due to reports that he never sparred at the gym as was the origin of the injury.

    Did Mares fake his injury? There is a possibility but the fact that he never backs down from a fight puts that into question. It could be the work of his handlers as it is being speculated in Mexico that Mares needs more time to prepare for the fight.


    1. I think Mares is trying to reacquaint himself with his below-the-belt-punch strategy. He was not using it the last couple of fights, hehehehe….

    2. I think it is insanely smart for him to postpone the fight given Jhonny is working with memo Heredia. Why not mess with the guys ability to cycle PED’s. It will also give him more time to get VADA involved. I’m guessing this will really mess up the timing memo was using going into the final weeks of the bout.