Dillian Whyte: Tyson Fury Is A Coward!


    Billy Joe Saunders’s father has become a subject of boxing talk prior to Billy’s fight with Canelo and even more so after the fight. Why after the fight? Well for starters it has something to do with a railing and some security guards.

    After the fight, Tommy Saunders jumped the rail to go check on his son who just suffered a gruesome injury and the first loss of his pro career. Security quickly intercepted Tommy and a small tussle broke out and Tommy was slammed to the ground.

    One of the biggest questions as to why that was allowed to happen with Tyson Fury standing there has fans and fighters on both sides speculating and throwing shade Fury’s way.

    Dillion White has an issue with Fury allowing Tommy to get slammed. White called Fury a coward while claiming Fury is all mouth and no action. 

    “Tyson Fury is a coward,” Tweeted White. “How can you stand by and watch Billy’s father get treated like this and you didn’t jump the barrier and at lest try to stop them man handling him. You are a coward all mouth.” 

    Fury fired back a Tweet at White calling him a bum and the “can man” which means any man can knock him out.

    White’s response to being called a bum: “calm down Gypsy Coward. You’re no king Tyson Fury. If you thought I was a bum Luke (like?) you would have fought me years ago when ordered by the WBC. Keep conning the public. Anytime, anywhere.”