Dinamita Has Plenty Of Bang Left At 40 Years Old


    Going into Juan Manuel Marquez’ fight with Mike Alvarado there were plenty of questions about the future hall of fame that needed to be answered.

    How much does the 40 year old fighter have left? Is the power still there? Is his heart still there? Can he still take a punch and how will he handle a punch from bigger fighter? And most importantly can he compete and entertain against top ten competition?

    Marquez was able to prove from the first round until the end of the fight that even though he is a more seasoned fighter he is far from done. Marquez was able to dictate the pace for the first half of the fight and display his speed, skill and power while outlanding Alvarado with shots and not taking many in return but Marquez did two things that were impressive most of all. Marquez and Alvarado had plenty of exchanges in the eigth round but what set the crowd ablaze was when “Dinamita” landed an explosive right that sent Alvarado down and out of the ring which left Alvarado dazed and confused to the point when he was asked by his corner if he knew where he was he said no.

    In the next round Marquez displayed one of his traits that I like most about the four division champ. Alvarado came back strong in the ninth round while picking up the pace  and returned the favor sending Marquez down to the canvas. What is impressive about that is once he goes down it seems like a switch gets turned on and he comes back stronger and fights like a bat out of hell (with the exception from the Mayweather fight). Even though he continued to get hit with hard shots he never backed down and continued exchanging.

    Marquez proved that his time is not over in the sport. He can take punches from bigger, younger and even stronger guys and with his in-ring intelligence, speed and power he can defeat them in impressive fashion that leaves fans satisfied. Most importantly, his heart is there and retirement seems far from his thoughts.