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Friday 01st August 2014,
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Does Gamboa’s Multiple Shots At Garcia Seem Like Acts Of Desperation?

JulioGarcia Saturday, January 18, 2014 Featured 3 Comments
Does Gamboa’s Multiple Shots At Garcia Seem Like Acts Of Desperation?

Yuriorkis Gamboa has been working hard on trying to get inside the head of 130 pound champion Mikey Garcia. Gamboa has uploaded several photos parodying movies with Garcia’s head and a title suggesting that Garcia is running/ducking Gamboa.

Garcia has expressed interest in facing Gamboa and vice versa but how much negotiating has been going on for the fight to actually happen?

If the shots Gamboa and even his promoter 50 Cent takes at Garcia is his way of trying to anger/negotiate with Garcia then it is very poor and seems like an act of desperation. Gamboa has not had a credible fight since he fought Daniel Ponce De Leon and has not been a sought out opponent from many fighters out there except up and coming fighters.

Gamboa is a very talented fighter but he has not impressed many people in the past couple years. Should he want to land the Garcia fight he should try to pick up a credible win in-between now and a fight with Garcia.

You may find yourself wondering who is a credible opponents at 130 or 135 pounds and truth be told there are many of them. Juan Carlos Burgos whom Garcia is fighting next week is a credible opponent at 130 pounds. If you go to the lightweight division there are more options. Adrien Broner, Ray Beltran, Miguel Vasquez and Terrance Crawford are opponents that a victory over any of these names would re-establish Gamboa’s name/legitimacy and would make it easier financially for the fight to be made.

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  1. Jack Mc Allister Sunday, January 19, 2014 at Sunday, January 19, 2014

    No is not really desperation…. he is doing what somebody with confidence in his boxing skills should do…(as Rigo did with only 11 bouts against Nonito or as Lara does against whoever..including over protected Canelo)….Don’t forget Cubans not even having 20 bouts and they are already champions or super-AVOIDED!

  2. Lalo Sermipinoy Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at Wednesday, January 22, 2014

    No no no. NO desperation. Desperado is Mikey Garcia and Robert that cannot find a way to make Gamboa Stop.

    Gamboa vs Garcia good fight. too bad the Garcia and Arum clan is to scared to make it happen.

    Pride Filipino

  3. Leroy Mansfield Friday, January 31, 2014 at Friday, January 31, 2014

    Respected journalist,Dont’ forget who was the one calling the my recollection,Garcia did it 3 times,after his victory over Roman Gonzales of Puerto Rico.May be to follow the trend of others to mention the cuban just,to look brave and ready,but now we all know better.
    Robert his brother is nervous and dirty mouth towards cubans,Rios is trying to bring the attention to him and Gamboa and not let Gamboa and Mickey follow the “saga”…. last but not the least,Arum is cooking something to spin the facts,when he will definitively ,negate the fight that every REAL BOXING FAN, want to see.(ONLY mexicans are arguing all sorts of reasons to avoid the materialization of this fight).I’M expecting to see at least more originals excuses.

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