Don ‘Da Bomb’ George: “I’m ready to explode Friday night!”

    George says he’s ready to let it all hang out

    There is an IBF super middleweight eliminator fight this weekend that isn’t getting the publicity it should. Don “Da Bomb” George is taking on Adonis “Superman” Stevenson this Friday and its not on HBO or SHOWTIME. Instead, the fight will Air on WealthTV. This is surprising because this fight is going to be a barn burner. Both of these guys have high knock out percentages and both guys have a lot to lose. It’s going to come down to who wants it more. It sounds like it may be Don, who exemplified his own nickname — “Da Bomb” — perfectly when he told Thaboxingvoice “I’m ready to explode Friday night!”

    George explained to us how much this fight means for him, saying “100% percent must win situation for me. The way I look at this fight is this is my entire career balled up rolled up into one night.”

    George continued to stress just how damaging a loss would be.

    “If I lose it is a dramatic setback that will take years to rebuild.” He may have an inside track on Stevenson by training with John David Jackson. George let us know how helpful Jackson was.

    “He showed me a lot of good things to fighting southpaws. He has first hand experience with Stevenson. It really helped my confidence.”

    If Don Da Bomb pulls out the win on Friday he will earn the right to face IBF super middleweight champion Carl Froch. Should Don win he said he would remain very active.

    “I’m the kind of guy who needs to be in the gym everyday. I need to fight four, five or six times a year. If it was up to me I’d fight every six weeks. I don’t know how anyone can compete at world class level when they fight one time a year. I’m not one of these real skillful guys. I am certainly not Floyd Mayweather,” George said.

    In March of this year George lost a tough fight against Edwin Rodriguez. George had nothing but good things to say about Edwin and even expressed his interest in a rematch.

    “Edwin is a very talented fighter and a monster of a super middleweight, he’s the biggest I’ve seen or been in the ring with. I started slow and came off of a year lay off to fight someone as skilled as Edwin. It was a tough situation for me.Later on down the road I’d love to fight him again.”

    Adonis Stevenson (18-1-0) is going to be a big hurdle for Don George. Stevenson is currently ranked 10th in their division by RING Magazine, but George is determined to put on a Gatti-like performance.

    “I’ll never be in the Hall of Fame but that doesn’t mean I can’t be great for that one night. It’s going to be one of those risky fights where anybody who is willing to take the chance at any moment the fight could end.” This fight very well could be the fight of the weekend and the big networks will be kicking themselves for not picking it up.


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