Edgar Berlanga interested in Gabe Rosado showdown for Puerto Rican Day Weekend


By: Julio Garcia

Edgar Berlanga is one of the hottest up-and-coming fighters in boxing. He has a record of 16-0 with 16 knockouts all coming in the first round. Is he that good or do his competition’s records suggest they were selected for him to look that good?

The question that lies with Berlanga is how will he do against top-level opposition? The first-round knockout streak will end one day but we have yet to see that. Right now we want to see more of the youngster in the ring against better competition and his idea of the next step up is a solid one for Puerto Rican Day weekend against Gabe Rosado.

“Shoutout to Gabe Rosado,” stated Berlanga via Instagram. “We could probably make that fight happen for the people, for Puerto Rican Day weekend… There’s no harsh feelings or none of that, . At the end of the day it’s about the fans and making good fights happen.”