Edmonton Bans All Combat Sports


    Last Friday in the hours leading up to KO 81 Edmonton’s City Council representatives ( the ones that actually attended the meeting, not all were there) have decided to ban all combat sports until December 31st, 2018. This band will be implemented on professional boxing, mixed martial arts and professional wrestling, yes you read that right a fake sport such as professional wrestling. The ban has taken place as a result of the investigation into the death of former boxer and mixed martial artist Tim Hague.

    City Council and the mayor of Edmonton believe that a provincial commission is necessary in order to assure fighter safety and regulate stricter rules for all combat sports. Alberta is the only province in Canada where commissions are based out of and monitored by the city the event is being held.

    The ban has been met with praise from a few former fighters in the city but has been received negatively by most. KO’s event was the last event that was allowed while an upcoming MMA event had to canceled. WWE was scheduled to be here in February but that is on hold until further notice.