Eric Gomez teases Tyson-De La Hoya exhibition


Exhibitions in boxing are going to be the newest craze. Yes, Floyd Mayweather has done it before but it was viewed as more of a sideshow. Mike Tyson did it before his recent bout with Roy Jones Jr. but that was not taken very seriously either. When Tyson and Jones put on a show with great numbers then talks of fighters returning lit up faster than the California wildfires.

Oscar De La Hoya has been training for a return to the ring and he appears to be in the best shape we’ve seen him in a long time. De La Hoya has talked about possibly fighting Gennady Golovkin but it would probably take a lot for that to happen even if GGG is on a downslide career-wise. With not many possibilities out there it may take someone else to make a suggestion.  In steps Eric Gomez.

Gomez is a matchmaker for Golden Boy Promotions and threw a suggestion out on social media a couple of days ago. That suggestion was an exhibition between De La Hoya and Tyson.

Weight is obviously an issue in this scenario.  De La Hoya has never fought near the heavyweight limit and even if Tyson wasn’t going all out De La Hoya would still be in a lot of trouble. 

You may bring up the weight difference between Mayweather and Logan Paul in February but let’s not forget Mayweather is a legit boxer. The weight does not mean shit! Mikey Garcia sparred with a heavyweight critic that thought he could whoop Garcia but that heavyweight was not a fighter and he learned the hard way.

I doubt anything ever comes from this potential exhibition but if it does happen there will be serious damage done.