Fedosov Closes Out Final “Friday Night Fights” With Big KO and a Boxcino Championship


Boxcino-2015-Logo_edited-1 Donovan Dennis and Andrey Fedosov met in the Boxcino heavyweight finals on ESPN 2’ “Friday Night Fights,” the final FNF ever. Both Fedosov and Dennis earned their way to the finals on the back of knockout performances. So, it goes without saying that we expected big things from this fight.

Dennis started out surprisingly well, and not because he was doing much, but more for the way he refused to lose complete control of the fight early on. Fedosov was unable to get much started in round 1, mainly because of Dennis’ ability to stay out of his opponent’s range.

Dennis was masterful at staying out of harm’s way. Slipping, sidestepping, and tying up were all tools made useful by Dennis in the very early stages of the fight.

However, it didn’t take long before Fedosov found a way to get to his opponent. It was a constantly evolving type of offense for Fedosov, and he made his punches count more and more as the fight raged on. Dennis was the taller fighter with the longer jab, but he didn’t utilize the advantage much, and rarely ever his jab.

Fedosov eventually made Dennis feel his power, but Dennis took the shots well, or well enough.

After a few rounds of mainly Fedosov dictating the action, Dennis was able to get his jab working, a little, but his right hand came into play much more than any of his other tools in round 4.

The round was merely a glitch in the system as Fedosov got back on track a few rounds later and finished off the 6th with some big overhand rights that had to shake the very core of Dennis.

In round 7, Fedosov scored an impressive knockdown as Dennis got caught with a flurry of rights and lefts that caused him to drop to his knee. In the very next round, Fedosov was knocked down on a hard right hand that sent Dennis to the floor like a sack of flour.

Fedosov put together a well-rounded performance and earned the 2015 Boxcino Tournament Championship. We should expect bigger things to follow, and he’ll owe it to the exposure of ESPN’s “Friday Night Fights.”