Fernando Vargas Slams Billy Joe Saunders For Not Fighting On


    “El Feroz” Fernando Vargas has always been a blood and guts warrior. The man literally had no quit in him inside the ring. He lived by a code no retreat, no surrender.

    That’s a quality missing in a lot of the modern-day fighters. Don’t get me wrong, we still watch and still enjoy our fighters, but a majority of the athletes in sports have gotten softer. Health is important, of course, but at times the old school gets frustrated by the new.

    Vargas was disgusted by the ending of Canelo-Saunders. Saunders suffered multiple orbital fractures and retired on his stool. 
    “You’re really going to quit like a freaking V; vagina,” stated Vargas. “You’re really going to do that? (Mockingly) Oh my little…oh my eye…I was like… Come on vato really? Really vato? Unbelievable. How dare you call yourself a champion and quit like a frickin female dog? How dare you. You’re an embarrass to the sport. An embarrassment to the sport and all man because you’re not even a man. Unbelievable. You guys should be embarrassed. I don’t know what’s up with these fighters man. but these Vatos are built different. Built different and I’m talking about it through experience. My eye was mostly like this and you couldn’t with a little chingadera like this and? C’mon vato really? You should be ashamed of yourself. So you give them your belt because you don’t want to get knocked out. At least go out on your shield. Have some balls! Dobt do that man. It’s embarrassing. Its embarrassing you call yourself a champion. Unbelievable. You’re in the wrong profession if you want to keep that zero. Oh my little eye was hurting. I’m telling you what I lived.”

    Vargas has suffered gruesome eye injuries in the past but fought on. It was his corner who decided to stop the fight which did not sit well with him even though they had his best intentions in their heart.

    “And I WAS PISSED when they stopped it.. ‘YO soy de los hombres que NO TEME NADA, y aunque este perdido NO ME SE RAJR (I’m the type of man that’s not afraid of anything and even if I’m losing I don’t know how to back down)!’ Vatos like me are just BUILT DIFFERENT then you Vatos that say you will ‘DIE IN THE RING’ and end up quitting for a little scratch or cut in your eye. What you Vatos doing in the sport if your gonna be a BIG PAN (Panocha, pussy)?”