Floyd Mayweather is Santa Claus


Floyd MayweatherFloyd Mayweather Jr. was on track to winning “Fighter of the Year” honors after defeating his biggest adversary Manny Pacquiao last May. But Floyd might end up being boxing’s humanitarian of the… actually, never mind.

Mayweather Jr. is, however, making a real run at… 2015 “Boxing Santa Claus?” I guess we’ll go with that. First, the news was announced that Floyd will fight Andre Berto on September 12th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on ShowTime PPV. While the fight isn’t being viewed as a gift for fans, Berto is surely grateful for the opportunity that Floyd’s given him.

When 2015 started, I’m sure Berto had no idea he’d end up as a legitimate Mayweather option, let alone actually winning the sweepstakes. Christmas has certainly come early for Berto.

However, that isn’t the full extent of Floyd’s charitable contributions. Yahoo.com reported that Mayweather Jr. bought a Chrysler 300 for his protégé Ashley Theophane.

Theophane has ended up in Floyd’s good gracious over the past few months after training at the Mayweather Gym, and the pound for pound fighter has taken a special interest in Theophane.

No word of what Theophane did to deserve such a present, but Floyd has been known to treat his crew to random shopping sprees and spontaneous gifts. It is a very generous sentiment from Floyd to the 34-year-old junior-welterweight originally from London.

Of course, Mayweather did ruin the notion of him being completely charitable when he decided to make the Berto fight PPV rather than giving fans the gift of one of his fights being on free CBS TV. I, for one, will let it slide if he buys me a car… no, a motorcycle… no, a Triple G fight.

Theophane is currently without an opponent, but he is reportedly training for an upcoming fight soon to be announced. Perhaps Mayweather’s gifts aren’t fully dispensed and Theophane will find his way on Floyd’s September 12th undercard?