Floyd Sr. Wants Easy Fight Next; No Hard Hitters, Amir Khan Might Be Easy


floyd-mayweather-manny-pacquiaoAfter Saturday’s win over rival Freddie Roach, Floyd Mayweather Sr. spoke to some press and FightHype.com was there to get the scoop on what Sr. would like to see Floyd do in September in what will be the final fight of his extremely lucrative Showtime contract.

When Floyd Sr. was asked about what September may hold for his son, he had no definitive answers, but he know’s what he would prefer.

“Bein that he had fought, pretty much all the guys that’s around here. The hard hitters, the Alvarez’s, the Cotto and you know he fought all of’em. My son needs to take his contract and end it… with a easy fight.”

Floyd Sr. continued…

“He don’t need all them tough fights.”

There are no tough fights out there for Floyd Mayweather Jr. There haven’t been for years. Everyone thought the Pacquiao fight would be the one (including yours truly) and even that was a typical Floyd Mayweather cake walk. So if Floyd Sr. believes there are tough fights for his son out there, who might they be?

You didn’t really think you would get that answer from him, did you!? Floyd dodged the question with some humor and was asked directly about Amir Khan and whether he would be a tough fight.

“Amir Khan… that’d be… a good fight. My son can beat him too. I do know that.”

And would it be easy?

“Of course.”

Easier than Pacquiao?

“I think that fight would be easier. Amir Khan… but then again maybe it won’t be. Amir Khan got a good jab. He got a pretty decent jab. But uh, overall… all these technical things… he can’t do all those things with Floyd that he can do with another fighter.”

Mayweather Sr., still basking in the glory of a Mayweather family win seemed much more relaxed and content while answering questions than he has been in recent months. It seems apparent that the proverbial “monkey” has been removed from the back of the Floyd Mayweather Jr. legacy and what we are left with is a Floyd Sr. that remains more contemplative than boastful.

I feel like I can relate to Floyd Mayweather Sr. for the first time. I’m glad it’s all over. I’m glad the fight gave everyone a definitive answer. I’m content with the fact that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the best of his generation and just as Floyd Sr. is, I am also happy that we were finally able to get this fight in the rear view mirror, seal a couple legacies and move on to boxing’s future.

As for who Floyd will fight next September? Does it really matter? At 38 years old there is no reasonable challenge out there for Floyd Jr. He can easily beat every 154 and below fighter out there. And he can continue to do it for the next 5 years if he wants. Floyd Mayweather Sr. wants an easy fight in September… throw a dart. They are all easy for Floyd Mayweather Jr.