Frampton-Quigg 60 percent complete


Carl Frampton - Scott QuiggIf you want an update on a possible all UK Super Bantamweight clash between Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg, it looks like 2016 might be the earliest. Frampton told BBC that there has been progress in talks for the two.

“I’m confident and optimistic that the fight can be made – whatever it takes, I’m ready,” said Frampton. “It’s the fight which whets my appetite the most.”

Frampton feels it’s only fair that the bout be held in a natural location even though he is a major draw in Belfast and Quigg’s from Manchester.

“I would be happy to fight him anywhere but is it fair for the champion to travel to Manchester to fight the challenger? I don’t think it is. I’m happy to go somewhere neutral, maybe London or Birmingham. I don’t think we are going to push for Belfast because I don’t think he would come here.”

Eddie Hearn, Quigg’s promoter said that they might be 60 percent done to getting a fight done between the two.

“I had a meeting yesterday with the McGuigans, and we are solving problems,” Hearn told Sky Sports. I would say if we’re going round a horse track, we’ve probably gone over 60 percent of the hurdles. We’re not down the home straight, but we are approaching it. There are still some big jumps on the home straight. The best thing is, we’re solving problems, and we’ve solved a lot of problems and we’ve still got more to do. There seems to be a real desire from both camps to get this made.”

Hearn said the time for messing around is over, and the fight needs to be made sooner than later.

“We’ve messed around for too long. We’ve moved on our position; we’re asking them to, and they’re moving on certain things and we’re moving on other things.You just need to give a little bit to appease the other person, and you might not like that sometimes, but that’s just life.”

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