Freddie Roach: Floyd Mayweather Jr Is Self-Taught, “He’s Limited”


Freddie RoachFreddie Roach spoke with Nestor Gibbs of and claimed that he could teach Floyd Mayweather Jr a few things. He went so far as to allege that Floyd never had a true “teacher” and has been largely self-taught.

“See, I don’t really think Floyd’s ever had a teacher, I think he taught himself, and that’s why I think that he’s limited on his moves. But, he’s good at what he does, don’t get me wrong.”

Roach then continued his criticism.

“The thing is, he sets traps but they’re not really that hard to identify to be honest with you. Pacquiao won’t walk into a trap, I promise you but if he does I’ll let you know.” which Roach followed up with a chuckle. “I won’t have to let you know!”

Freddie seems pretty confident that he has identified the “traps” that Floyd sets and believes that Manny will be able to recognize them in real time. This claim may sound bold, but I’ve seen it happen in the past, and you may have as well.

I remember back when Mayweather was fighting Hatton, the late great Emanuel Steward predicted how the fight would end. During the fight, he kept saying that Floyd was luring Hatton in to catch him with a “check-right” and sure enough, that’s exactly how the fight ended.

The point of this little aside is that Floyd’s tricks are not impossible for a world-class trainer to identify. Roach isn’t full of bull here. I have no doubt that he has identified Floyd’s most successful moves. Whether his fighter will be able to do the same during the fight is a completely different story.

Roach also addressed Floyd’s “limited” offense and even tipped his hand as to what Manny could most take advantage of.

“He’s just a single puncher; he doesn’t throw enough combinations. He’s got that long jab to the body… if he throws that at Pacquiao he will get knocked out. I know it’s his favorite punch, I know his sparring partners say it’s his hardest punch, but it’s way too long… it’s not a really good move, to be honest with ya.”

One must remain skeptical when listening to Freddie Roach talk about the opposition. He’s excellent at playing a psychological game outside of the ring. Does he really believe that Manny will knock Floyd out if he throws that punch? Is he trying to get Floyd to second guess throwing it?

Lastly, Freddie mentioned Floyd’s right hand. The same right hand that many believe will be Pacquiao’s undoing.

“His right hand is his best weapon. Manny can be hit with a right hand but we’re workin on that defense for the last six weeks; it’s gettin better and better.”

See if Manny Pacquiao can identify Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s traps and avoid his straight rights live from The MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 2nd, 2015.

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