Freddie Roach on Canelo-Khan


Saul Canelo Alvarez,Amir Khan,Seven-time trainer of the year, Freddie Roach, arrived at LAX to begin the second leg of training with Manny Pacquiao for his April 9th fight against Timothy Bradley. Roach and Pacquiao finished camp in General Santos City, Philippines and arrived in Los Angeles over the weekend.


When asked about his take on the Canelo-Khan match, Freddie smiled in amusement then responded:


“…It’s a good fight. Canelo is probably too strong for him…Khan could do well if he could box early.”


In past fights, Canelo has taken the time to warm up and get to know his opponent before going on the attack. This could be good and bad for the Mexican superstar. If he is able to establish a stronghold on Khan in the early rounds, there is high probability that the fight will end with a knockout. If Khan, however, were able to control the first 3-5 rounds, he could frustrate the young fighter, ultimately throwing off his focus. This will make Canelo look for big shots, leaving himself open to be touched by Khan’s lightning fast hands.


That being said, the fight is being held at a catch weight of 155 lbs though Amir Khan is a 147 lb contender. In Canelo’s most recent fight versus Miguel Cotto, he came in weighing over 180 lbs the day of the fight. It is common for Canelo’s opponents to have to come up in weight to face him; in 2012, Josesito Lopez moved up two weight classes to face him. Massive weight gain was the downfall of Lopez who looked slow and flabby at 140lbs. Canelo was able to use this to his advantage, knocking him down 3 times before getting the knockout in five rounds.


Sadly, this is the same for the Canelo-Khan fight. It is possible that Khan will be entering the ring with a fighter that is 20-25 lbs larger, even with him bulking up to make the catch weight. If Khan chooses not to bulk up post weigh-in, Canelo will be able to end the fight early with a knockout.


This fight is likely one that fans are paying to see Canelo demonstrate his skill and power to decimate Amir Khan. If Khan is able to bulk up to 165 lbs, chances are this will have an adverse effect on his speed and endurance. For Canelo, this is a win-win situation; it is nearly unfeasible for Khan to get the win.