Gesta and Molina Fight to a 10 Round Draw


Gesta Molina Mercito Gesta took on Carlos Molina at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California on tonight’s Fox Sports 1 “Fight Night” broadcast of Golden Boy Live. Gesta hadn’t fought since last July, but he’s had two wins since his first career loss to Miguel Vazquez. The bout between Gesta and Molina was scheduled for 10 rounds at junior welterweight, although the negotiated weight was 138lbs, but Molina weighed in at 139lbs and couldn’t lose the extra pound. The bout was renegotiated and a new weight was agreed upon.

Molina started off aggressive, refusing to touch gloves at the opening bell and instead opting to throw an unsuspecting hook to the chin of Gesta. Molina’s aggression had Gesta off his game for just a bit, but it was enough to capitalize on the initial pace of the fight.

Gesta would eventually settle down and institute more boxing into the fight, while Molina seemed stubborn to continue the same game plan without adjusting. Molina tried to keep the fight in the center of the ring, but keeping his stance on ring generalship took away from his ability to be successful when he was in range.

Gesta started popping out the jab and had success landing it, but he never used it to dig for more, instead his best shot was a left hook that was there for the taking against Molina. Gesta managed to be the busier guy by outworking Molina when the range broke down.

Molina stayed in the fight by not backing down and continuing to press. Molina gave the illusion that he was doing more in the ring than was actually the case because he took advantage of Gesta who got suckered into small fits of firefights.

Molina was absolutely stalking, he just didn’t always let his hands go enough. Gesta was moving well and landing decent, but he didn’t press the action enough. Both fighters couldn’t learned a lot from each other tonight.

The fight seemed rather close, but neither fighter was desperate enough to try and make something happen in the 10th and final round. The fight ultimately went to the score cards.

The judges scored the fight 98-92 for Molina, 96-94 for Gesta, and 95-95 made the bout a split draw.