Getting To Know Amateur Jake Henderson


We, at ThaBoxingVoice, are always looking for up and coming boxers that you fans should be seeing in the future. Recently I was able to interview 20 year old UK boxer Jake Henderson. He will be turning pro around the end of the year and was kind enough to give me his time so I could get to know a little bit more about him and what he plans to bring to the Middleweight division that he will be joining when he does turn pro.

I started off the interview by asking him to tell me some things about himself and what inspired him to get into the sport, who were his favorites growing up. Henderson responded, “I live in Bourne End in Buckinghamshire (UK). I started boxing because I use to get bullied when I was about 8 years old. I wanted to box to be able to handle myself and because I had dreams of being a boxing champion since i was a little boy. I started boxing when I was 10 years old. Some boxers that have inspired me are Roy Jones JR., Mike Tyson, David Haye, Michael Sprott, Muhammad Ali, and Sugar Ray Robinson, but I can mention a lot more.

Jake recently took some time off from boxing for personal reasons, but he’s very confident in his future and in his words, “I’m back and I’m going to be shining in everything i do….. Bring it on baby!” Next I wanted to know who his boxing style most resembles, and what his natural weight is. Jake simply answered, “I like to think I’m different than everyone else, one of a kind. I liked the style of Mike Tyson, but I’m not copying him. I’m a versatile fighter who will do whatever it takes to win. I normally around 172 lbs, but I will be joining the Middleweight division (160).”

Next was finding out what drives Jake Henderson, so I asked when his back’s against the wall or he’s facing a tough opponent, what pushes him through it, whether it be his family, the will to win, or his beliefs. Henderson replied, “I would have to say it would be a mix between them all, i couldn’t just single out one, as I’m afraid of losing therefore I can’t let it happen. I’m a very focused person and if i want something bad enough then i will try my hardest to achieve it. Also, i would do anything to put a smile across everybody’s face in my family.”

I then asked Jake about his promotional status, whether he currently has one or anything soon to happening with one. “There are options open to me, but I’ve made no decision until nearer to the time. This is a special thing and needs to be carefully sorted out as it’s all about the “Boxer” being looked after and being respected”, said Henderson. I was curious as to whether his next fight was already lined up, but Henderson said, “There’s nothing coming up at the moment, as my team is focusing on the nitty gritty bits of me to get me perfect, but when something is sorted then ThaBoxingVoice will hear about it.”

I’ve seen Jake communicate with other boxers on twitter, so I asked who he speaks with and get the best advice from. Henderson stated, “Michael Sprott, Martin Rogan, David Price, and Joel Brunker are a few people that I’m In contact with often. I would have to say the best advice I have been given is from Michael Sprott as I’m with him on a daily basis and he passes on his personal advice and tips.” Then I asked if he has ever fought on US soil or if he would ever have an issue with fighting over here like other UK fighters. He seemed very open to the idea, saying, “I haven’t fought in the US as of yet, but once I’m out there, then I’m happy to do whatever I’m asked. I’m willing to gain every experience that’s possible for me, I love to learn.”

Lastly, Jake Henderson had a final message for his fans and for his future opponents that exemplifies his confidence and his personal outlook towards the future, “I would like to thank everybody who is following me on Twitter and watching my career unfold. Follow me all the way to the top on Twitter @J4k3Henderson. I would also like to thank everybody who has helped me in the past and people who are helping me at present. They all know who they are. There are too many shout outs if I named them all!” Then Henderson said, “To my future opponents, I’m here to hurt you, I hit with bad intentions, I’m different to the rest, I hope you can withstand my explosive power!” Strong words from the young amateur. Soon, we’ll see how much of it he can back up.