Golovkin and Gonzalez Score Sensational Stoppages in HBO Feature Bouts


Gennady-Golovkin-Willie-Monroe-Paul-A.-Herbert-Forum-Photos It was an energetic crowd at the Forum in LA tonight as HBO showcased a card with the two best offensive fighters in the sport of boxing. Gennady “GGG” Golovkin defended his WBA middleweight and WBC interim middleweight titles against Willie “The Mongoose” Monroe Jr.


In the first round, Golovkin pursued his opponent and calculatedly unleashed his punches with bad intent. Monroe wasn’t completely shut out in the offense department, but his effective countering came far and few between. It was primarily a Golovkin round.


Golovkin continued to stalk and chase down his opponent. Golovkin cornered Monroe and managed to get some decent shots off before Monroe found a way to slip out the corner. Then, Golovkin decided to make that one shot he was getting count and caught Monroe with a lead left hook that took Monroe’s jaw and legs from him as he hit the canvas.


Monroe was able to make it to his feet, but Golovkin’s accuracy allowed for a second opportunity at a second knockdown, which Golovkin scored moments later. Monroe was able to make it to his feet but he was hurt, although the second knockdown wasn’t as vicious. Still, it was two knockodowns in the 2nd round and Monroe didn’t appear to have a plan to stop it. To his credit, Monroe didn’t just make it out of round 2, he managed to land an uppercut that snapped Golovkin’s streak of perfection.


Just when it seemed as though Golovkin would run away with things, Monroe put together an incredible effort in round 4. Both fighters landed hard body shots, but Monroe was able to put in real work that counted against Golovkin’s chin. Golovkin was allowing Monroe to get off, but Monroe was making his shots count and for the first time in a long time GGG clearly lost a round.


At the start of the 5th, and with the taste of Monroe’s minor victory in round 4, Golovkin came forward at the start of the bell and landed an uppercut that sent Monroe stumbling back to the ropes. Golvokin landed a few more shots, but Monroe came right back and landed his own uppercuts. Golovkin’s punches seem to slug a bit as Monroe was unleashing energy filed flurries. Still, Golvokin was keeping the composer and was never overly excited.


Coming out in the 6th, Golovkin came out firing and looked as strong as he did in the 1st. Golovkin landed a couple of nice short uppercuts and then a hard right hand that hurt Monroe and sent him back to the ropes. Golovkin would then tee off with a right hand that capped off the flurry, although it was a left hand that truly hurt Monroe. Monroe was on a knee as referee Jack Reiss counted to 10, but allowed Monroe the benefit of the doubt only to realize that he was unwilling to continue.


Golovkin scored his 20th straight stoppage and he did it in incredible fashion. Monroe put up a really great effort and we saw Golovkin get caught like never before, but I can’t help but wonder if Golovkin was willing to look a little more human to hopefully attract some weary star fighters.


The final numbers were Golovking’s 297 to Monroe’s 305 total punches and Golovkin’s 133 landed to 87 for Monroe.




Gonzalez def Sosa TKO2:


In the evening’s co-feature, fans got a real thrill in Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez stopping Edgar Sosa in the 2nd round.


Gonzalez stalked Sosa in the first round and landed some fairly hard shots. Sosa tried moving and boxing, but he wasn’t nearly talented enough to do it.


In the second round, Gonzalez stayed patient and it was clear that Sosa felt “Chocolatito’s” power and had no intentions of getting trapped and slapped. Gonzalez came forward with intelligent pressure and the aggression was borderline poetic.


Gonzalez caught Sosa to the body and it affected his opponent to the extent that he was left without his guard, and Chocolatito soon capitalized with an out of distance hook. Sosa was able to make it to his feet, but it wasn’t for long as Gonzalez stayed close and scored another knockdown moments later.


Sosa was able to make it to his feet again, but that’s when the onslaught really began.


Gonzalez unleashed a flurry that didn’t end until he racked up 26 punches and Sosa was once again forced to the floor, to which the referee responded by calling a halt to the bout.


The punching totals were telling as Chocolatito landed 72 of 130 versus Sosa’s 14 of 106.