Golovkin should move up to 168


    Gennady GolovkinWBA Super World middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin (33-0, 30 KO’s) wants to unify the middleweight division before considering a move to the super-middleweight division.

    However, current WBC middleweight champion Miguel Cotto doesn’t seem willing to take on the Kazakh powerhouse at this point.

    Following a fourth-round TKO of Daniel Geale on June 6, the Puerto Rican superstar told HBO’s Max Kellerman in his post-fight interview that he would fancy a fight with Golovkin. But, it didn’t come without a long stutter from the four-division world champion.

    Also, there is no guarantee that he is going to get past Canelo Alvarez, either. While the fight isn’t official yet, the promoters are looking at a November 21st or a November 28th date, which will likely be an HBO PPV, and will take place in either New York, Texas, or Las Vegas.

    Former three-division world champion Paul Williams was a beast at welterweight. Standing at 6’1 ½, he was one of the most feared boxers of the division. He beat the likes of Walter Matthysse, Sharmba Mitchell, Antonio Margarito, and Carlos Quintana.

    But like in Golovkin’s case, it got to the point where Williams wasn’t able to find legitimate competition at 147 that was willing to take a chance, so he had to move up, and he went as far as the middleweight division.

    Will Golovkin eventually have to move to 168? Most likely.

    Let’s say Cotto beats Canelo and the WBC calls for Cotto to fight Golovkin – Cotto has already implied that he may vacate the title if the WBC forced him to fight Golovkin – so what’s the point?

    If Canelo beats Cotto, I think it’d be a different story. In fact, I have said in the past that Golovkin-Canelo would be a bigger fight.

    Speaking with FightHype.com, Top Rank Founder and CEO, Bob Arum, suggested Golovkin do a Bernard Hopkins and think about moving out of the middleweight division.

    “Golovkin can talk all he wants about Canelo and Cotto, but they’ll do a lot better fighting each other than fighting him,” Arum said. “So, I think Golovkin should look at some of the 168 pound guys and go up there. This is where big money fights can be made, but they’re dangerous.”

    Some have called for Golovkin to fight Andre Ward, with the WBA Super World super-middleweight champion implying that Golovkin is ducking him so he can take on smaller men and claim to be the best.

    It’s safe to say Golovkin was not very pleased with Ward, who spoke with AllBoxing.ru via SB Nation.

    “Hey, Ward, wake up! Why are you talking trash about other people? Speak for yourself. If you’re trying to make a name for yourself by mentioning me to build up your own fight, then be a man about it and tell the truth. At our meeting with HBO, they asked us whether we are ready to box. You know our answers – I said yes, you said no. You said something about your shoulder or promoter – I’m not interested in the reason, I only heard your “no.” But you remember that HBO said then that they would need a long time to build-up the fight. Then what the f*** are you talking about excuses?”

    “If you do provocative attacks, do not even think that Loeffler [Gennady’s K2 promoter] will buy into them. You haven’t been interesting to anyone for a long time, so he will no longer engage in the promotion of your name. Go and build your own image. Although everyone already knows what you are, and because of this, they do not go to your fights.”

    “You shouldn’t worry about who I’m going to box or have boxed. You, like the rest, were lucky with the “Super Six” tournament because you got your opponents by contract. And who are you fighting now? The fourth-fifth ranked fighters in England…If I say that I’m ready to box any middleweight and ready to rise to 168 for a big fight, then I am responsible for the words. And I have nothing left to discuss with you. As a man, you are dead to me,” Golovkin said.

    Yikes, there’s some bad blood there, but that would make for an epic fight, right?

    Arum was also asked about a potential clash between Golovkin and undefeated super-middleweight Gilberto Ramirez, who fights Derek Edwards for the WBO International super-middleweight title next Saturday, June 26.

    “In two minutes, we’d be interested in that fight with Golovkin. I don’t think he’s a match for Gilberto,” Arum said.

    I think Ramirez would be a good for Golovkin. From my perspective, it’s unlikely Golovkin will move to 168 and immediately face Ward; he’s going to need a tune-up.

    There’s nothing wrong with that. Floyd Mayweather Jr. took several tune-up fights before moving up a division, fighting the likes of Emmanuel Augustus and Sharmba Mitchell, stopping them both inside the distance.