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Golovkin’s Trainer: “If Stevens Comes Out Like Hagler vs. Hearns, He’s Getting Knocked Out in 1″

Victor Salazar Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Featured No Comments
Golovkin’s Trainer: “If Stevens Comes Out Like Hagler vs. Hearns, He’s Getting Knocked Out in 1″

The showdown between Gennady Golovkin and Curtis Stevens is a mere two weeks away. The promotions started off with a bang when Curtis Stevens held mock funerals and caskets with the initials GGG written on them. When speaking to ESPN Golovkin was not pleased with the display.

Golovkin’s trainer Abel Sanchez has had many words to see about Curtis Stevens basically calling him too green. “He’s a good little fighter but he’s not ready for this,” explained Sanchez in an interview with a few weeks back. Golovkin has been more respectful and spoke highly of the power that Stevens brings into the ring.

That notion has led Stevens to believe that there might be some fear coming from Golovkin and or his trainer.

The promotions is called when Monsters Collide and it does feature two of the biggest punching middleweights in the world squaring off in Madison Square Garden. When speaking to Andre Rozier, the head trainer in the Stevens camp, he felt that the fight will have a sensational opening round similar to Tommy Hearns and Marvin Hagler.

On a media conference call today, I posed the question to Abel Sanchez and if he felt that the Stevens team would come out with that strategy and if so how it played into Team Golovkin’s hands. “Well if that’s how they are going to come out to fight better for us. I said it before I don’t think he lasts 3 rounds with us and if they are looking to trade like that, well Stevens is getting knocked out in the first round. If he decides to box and be on his toes, it will only be a matter of time too. We’ll get to him and break him down, one with or another,” stated Sanchez.

The trainers have exchanged words more than the fighters have during the promotion with Rozier saying Abel’s on “some stuff” with the things that he’s been saying. Come fight night the fighters’ fist will be making the noise and one trainer will feel vindicated.

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