Guillermo Rigondeaux On Casimero: He Doesn’t Even Know The Kind Of Trouble He Signed Up For


    Twas not long ago that “El Chacal” Guillermo Rigondeaux was scheduled to fight against John Riel Casimero but stepped aside so that Nonito Donaire and Casimero could fight in a title unification bout. The idea of that fight did not last long as it grew bitter quick and arguments about drug testing, speaking on loved ones and other issues got heated and got nowhere fast. Needless to say the fight fell apart quicker than a pair of knockoff Jordans.

    Rigondeaux offered to step in vs Donaire but that never went anywhere so we are back to square one with Rigondeaux challenging Casimero for his WBO Bantamweight Title.

    Just a few years ago Rigondeaux was the boogeyman in boxing. When he moved up in weight (which was a bad decision but wanted the challenge) against Vasyl Lomachenko it was nothing that fans expected to see and he could not continue which resulted in the lone loss of his career.

    Since that loss “El Chacal” has wanted to prove his detractors wrong and this could be the fight to do so with Casimero’s fighting style we may see the boogeyman that many feared back in the day. His motivation is there and he believes that Casimero is in trouble and he does not even know it.

    “[Casimero] doesn’t even know the kind of trouble he signed up for,” stated Rigondeaux via social media. “I give him credit however, he got the guts others didn’t. I won’t mention any names. You all know who they all. Are you guys ready? I am!”

    Rigondeaux and Casimero will square off live this Saturday, August 14th on Showtime at 10 P.M. EST / 7 P.M. Pacific Time.