Hearn: Frampton will move up to avoid Quigg


Scott Quigg - Carl FramptonSo what’s next for Scott Quigg after his destruction of Kiko Martinez? The obvious choice would have been Carl Frampton. Both men fought on the same day and around the same time. Quigg destroyed Frampton’s previous foe, Kiko Martinez. However, I can say that much of the destruction was already due to the punishment he took against Frampton in the first fight.

Frampton, on the other hand, was dropped early in his fight against Alejandro Gonzalez Jr. in his debut in America. But Frampton did well once he settled in to win a points victory against the Mexican. So it seems like even with both fighting on the same day and both winning, we are further away from the fight happening. Eddie Hearn, Quigg’s promoter told the press after the Quigg fight that currently Quigg is looking in another direction.

“The only ones I think that would take the fight against Scott are [Cuba’s WBO-WBA super champion] Guillermo Rigondeaux and Donaire, and we are close to making that fight with Donaire,” Hearn said.

Evidently enough, Nonito Donaire fought on the same day in defeated his opposition as well. Bob Arum has talked about putting on a big card in Dubai in November and would want Nonito Donaire versus Scott Quigg to be on the card. Hearn, however, wants a home fight for Quigg.

“They are talking about November in Dubai, but I would like do that [Donaire] fight in Manchester,” Hearn said.

But Hearn wasn’t impressed with Frampton’s performance and feels that Frampton will avoid Quigg and move up to featherweight.

“If Frampton is getting knocked over twice by the 11th best super-bantamweight in Mexico he will never last five rounds with Scott Quigg. He will move up to featherweight as an excuse to avoid a fight with Scott. We know his frailties.”