If Tank Wants To Be Like Floyd Then Rematch Cruz And Beat Him More Convincingly


    Now that Gervonta Davis and Isaac Cruz has fought there is a lot to talk about… but I will save most of the conversation for the TBV Podcast. I want to talk about Tank and a possible rematch with Cruz.

    I’m not one of those people that were crying robbery in fact I thought the fight could have gone either way with how close the punch counts were. Hell, a draw would not have bothered me. What bothered me is the fact that given how tough a fight it was for Davis he was quick to dismiss a rematch with Cruz.

    Throughout the years Davis has been groomed to be a big star and in doing so he has taken many traits from his promoter and mentor Floyd Mayweather Jr. He came to the ring dressed in Mexican attire and played the role of villain well but there is one thing he has not done (mainly because he has not had to) and that is rematch your tough fights and win convincingly the second time around.

    When you look back at Mayweather’s career he has had a few close fights that fans were split on who won and he came back to fight those fighters (not all fighters that he had close fights with) and won decisively such as Jose Luis Castillo and Marcos Maidana.

    In the post fight interview Tank answered quickly about a rematch with a “Hell No!”

    That answer did not sit well with many fans as the the fight was close and Cruz was not there to get steam-rolled over like previous opponents. When the going gets tough you bite down on your mouth-guard and fight on.

    The fact that the fight was close/difficult should guarantee a higher payday the second time around and keep you busy especially if you’re not getting the fights against the other champions. Have a full fight camp focused on Cruz and if you beat him clearly and wide or by KO the way many expected you to do tonight then you’ve proven something not just to yourself but to the fans.