slideslideTha Boxing Voice had an opportunity to sit down and talk with 23yr old former Amateur standout turned undefeated pro, Coachella’s own Randy Caballero (21-0, 13KOs).

Randy is getting set for the most important fight in his unblemished career, a big title fight in the UK to fight Stuart Hall in Hall’s backyard, for a vacant bantamweight IBF strap. Now I know I just said that this has to be the most important fight of his career, but he just came of the most important “win” of his career. Caballero went to Japan in April and Ko’d Oba in a title eliminator bout, making him the mandatory for the title bout against Hall.

Randy fights all over, overseas, really anybody’s home town. Randy is always on the road, so we at “TBV” affectionately nicknamed him “The Road Warrior”(which Randy was cool with that name).

Randy says that fighting overseas just comes with the territory, that’s why he came to the sport of boxing to make a name for himself. If that’s what it takes traveling overseas to win that belt, Randy certainly is game to do just that, he says he’ll fight anybody they put in front of him. Randy really wants people to know that he is a one-of-a-kind fighter, who would do anything in the sport of boxing. Read what happened when we caught up with this “Road Warrior”, and hear what he had to say about himself and his career.

TBV: You’re definitely proving that you are a one-of-a-kind fighter by going overseas multiple times, and putting on exciting fights. Your last time out, that was an all action affair in Japan. But is there bit of a let down that you went over to Japan, and even though you scored a TKO, Golden boy didn’t bid a little higher on the purse for the Stuart Hall fight. Does it matter where it’s at? Does it matter on the purse bid, or you just want to fight ?

Randy : Well like you said I do want to fight, and that’s what I’ve been wanting to do. I just want to get back in that ring, and win this world title. It’s a dream come true to win a title, and hopefully it’ll be an impressive win. Like I said I don’t care where I have to fight, I’ll fight anywhere, and I’ll go alll around the world to fight. I just want that world title, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to win that title. I’ve done it all, i’m not scared. I went to Japan, I risked my career going there and being in his hometown. I felt 100% ready…. I was ready, I was hungry to come back with that win and get that title shot. Now that I’m here, I’m sad that it wasn’t in my hometown. Of course I would have loved for it to be here, and just to Win the world title front of my family, friends, and fans who have been supporting me. To sell out the fantasy Springs Casino would have been great, but unfortunately I have to go out to the UK and take care of business out there.

TBV: Now are you? I know fighters usually tend to say they aren’t looking for knockouts, if it comes it comes. Now the situation is quite different. The last time we’ve seen Derek Chisora get a controversial win over Malik Scott in the UK. Their ten count is literally a nine count. Is there any fear you may not get a fair and just decision in the UK , because of so many controversial decisions in the past? Which To be fair to the UK , it happens in all countries.

Randy: You know like I said when I went to Japan, going his home town. I was going to make sure that it was an impressive win, everybody was going to know that it was a clear win. Now I’m going to do the same thing in England. I’m going to go in there, and make sure I have an impressive win, and everybody will know who I am after the fight. You know after Japan, everybody started talking about me and my name started getting out there. Now winning this world title, it will make my name even bigger in the world of boxing. I’m ready to take on this challenge, and go out there and hope for the best. Like you said I know no fighter that goes in there expecting a knockout, they just come naturally. I feel confident that I’m going take care of business out there. I’m not taking anything away from the guy, he’s been a world champion, he’s lost the world title so he’s beatable. And I think I have what it takes to beat this guy in his hometown.

TBV: Now what sort of sparring are you doing? What names are you using? Are you using any big names for sparring to get you in preparation for this fight, or are you guys keeping this as simple as possible? Are you sticking to what you normally have done, and what is normally given you the outcomes and the performances that you been getting?

Randy: The thing was, our plans and our dates were already set for August 22 for here in fantasy, and then all these things with first bid and we winded up losing. They called the shots on dates and times and things like that, so it kind of pushed us back a little but I’m still in shape and I’m still ready to go. My weight is good right now, I’m staying in shape so we’ve sort of slowed down on the sparring. We’re getting in guys perfectly for his style, and the style that he has. My dad is bringing in guys to take care of that. I trust my dad with all of that , and my career. He knows what he’s doing, he brings in the right guys to spar. No big names right now, but I know eventually later on into the training camp we will bring in big names.

TBV : Now we “Tha Boxing Voice”, we have you ranked at number six on our bantamweight ratings , you got a few big names ahead of you with Kameda who just signed with Al Haymon. Also Anselmo Moreno who will be fighting in Pittsburgh next month. Do you think once capturing this IBF title you wont need to call out guys, and they will be calling you out? Granted you haven’t been calling anyone out , you’ve just been taking care of business. However do you think that once winning the title, you’ll become a hot commodity and everybody will be coming at your head?

Randy: Most definitely. I’ve never been a fighter to call another fight out. I see all these up and coming fighters with six wins calling out these big names. You have to make a name for yourself in the sport. I’m already 21-0 and I have still haven’t called anybody out. It’s just not my style. Whomever golden boy puts in front of me, it’s my job totake care of them. So I don’t know who’s next, but hopefully everything comes out good in this fight. When I win this world title and everything from there is big names. I’m not afraid of anybody and I won’t back down from anybody. I will fight anybody, whoever they put in front of me. Those top guys, Anselmo Morenos who’s been in the sport for so long with a good name, would be an amazing fight. Kameda during his fight, I was out in Vegas trying to make that fight to see it live; we didn’t make it on time but we heard the stories about the fight. Like I said, I’m not afraid to fight anybody in my weight class. I just want to take care of 118, then go from there see how far we can go

TBV : Sounds great man hearing you say that you’re more than willing to fight a guy like Anselmo Moreno, who’s typically considered a slick boxer that doesn’t really engage much, he’s willing to win the fight from the outside. Knowing that this advantage you would have facing a guy you have to chase down, and wanting to actually do that just speaks in volumes about you. Is that your style? The come forward, make the fight type of guy? Is that why you’re willing to take a fight with Moreno?

Randy: No just The fact that I know that I’m able to adjust any style in the sport of boxing. My dad has taught me every style there is out there. My dad’s been around the sport for so long, and he’s worked with different kind of fighters. Fighters that like to fight, one’s that like to box. All the styles my dad taught me everything. I’ve fought every different style guy in amateurs, and I know this is different but just getting the experience having to know how each fighter is, I think I’m ready for anything that they put in front of me. I seen Moreno fight, he is a tough guy but like I said people are beatable in this sport. I think with what I’m going to bring, if he wants to make it a boxing fight, then so be it I’ll take it to him like that. I’m ready for anything

TBV: Guys like Moreno , Rigondeaux , Leo Santa Cruz, Nicholas Waters…. A ton of names out there who have passed through 118, what sort of a impact do you feel like you’re going to make on this division moving forward?
Randy: Right now my job is just to make a name for myself, at 118. All the big BIG names have made that to jump to 122 and 126, but my job is to take care of my division 118 right now and let people know who I am. And get all those people at 122 and 126 ready to know who I am . Like I said my job is just to make a name for myself , and to take care of business at 118 and then go from there.

TBV:What sort of reception are you expecting when you get to the UK? Doyou think that maybe some hints or shades of what you been doing over here has made it over there,and they will accept you with open arms?Or do you expect them to be a bit hostile seeing as you’re coming from the US going to the United Kingdom?

Randy: I know that I have a good following out there.I heard people talk about me, write to me from the UK.But knowing that I’m going into his hometown I know there will be a lot of people that won’t like me,and don’t want to be there but my job is to take care of business out there no matter what people say no matter what people do. I heard stories about how how hard it is when someone from a different country goes into another one hometown,they try messing with your head doing things to you, your hotel room. I’m not going to let it get to me I going to do what I have to do,I’m going to take care of business. I’m ready, I want the world title.I’m not letting nobody stop me. Going to his hometown, not the crowd, because once we get in the ring it’s just me and him, and nobody else.

TBV:Well Randy “The Road Warrior”Caballero.Thanks for your time. TBV always appreciates you. we’re going to continue to follow your career,wish you the best when you go over to the United Kingdom,and we hope that you make us over here in the states Proud

Randy: Thank you,thank you I really appreciate it.I just want to say thank you for everybody that’s been following me I appreciate all the support. I am going when this world title and we’re going to see how far we can go from there,For people who want to follow me I have
Instagram: randy_caballero
Twitter: randy_caballero
Anybody can follow me so they can see about all the updates

One final note: Make sure you catch Randy Caballero against UK’s Stuart Hall on October 18th, 2014

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