Is Chavez Jr. Avoiding The Garcia Gym To Avoid Dedicating Himself To Training Or To Avoid Conflict?


    Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has often been criticised about his training (or lack of) habits by not just the fans but by his actual trainers. His lack of dedication has shown in his loss to Sergio Martinez and in the weight fiasco for the Vera fight  which even had his dedicated fans wondering when he would dedicate himself to his preparation.

    For a while those fans had an answer when it appeared that Chavez would begin training at Robert Garcia’s gym in Oxnard, California but that has yet again changed.

    Chavez is no longer going to train at Garcia’s gym and will now be training with Vladimir Baldenebro in Santa Monica, California. His reasons for the change, the feud between Garcia’s gym and Freddie Roach’s gym where Chavez used to train out of.

    “For now I am preparing with Vladimir Baldennebro,” said Chavez. “I have not decided if we are going to adjust to a new coach. I will not be a part of the problems and I think there is a tense situation there and I do not want to be around people who can hard me and will continue now with Vladimir.”

    Could Chavez truly be avoiding the beef between the two gyms or is he settling for someone that will tolerate his training habits and will not force him to buckle down. His next performance could answer that question.


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