Is Trouble Brewing for Pascal vs. Bute?


    Jean Pascal and Lucian Bute will face each other on May 25th in the most anticipated Canadian match-up in history. The terms have been reached, their contracts have been signed, the hard work has begun and the fight is inching closer and closer, but one fighter is not happy.

    Jean Pascal and his strength and conditioning coach Angel “Memo” Heredia are unhappy that the random drug testing has not begun yet which is making them suspicious.

    Pascal and Heredia reached out to Bute’s promoter InterBox via Twitter trying to figure out why testing has not begun. “Procedure and the tests are confidential. You will know it’s all done when a BCO comes knocking for blood and urine,” stated InterBox. “Until then…no comment.”

    Boxing writer Gabriel Montoya has spoken up on the matter as well. Montoya believes in the VADA’s way of testing and has questioned Heredia frequently on his past. “The delay was in my opinion is because Angel Heredia   told his fighter not to use VADA. You’d be testing right now if he hadn’t,” claimed Montoya.

    In a time were athletes are being caught for not playing on a level field, testing is important. It should not matter what agency is doing the testing, all that matters is the proper procedures are being followed and that the fighters are clean. If  testing does  not happen as quickly as Pascal would like, will he pull out of one of the biggest fights of his career?

    It has recently been brought to light that all testing will be kept confidential. Everyone involved is to release no comment on the testing or on its procedures.