Ishe Smith on Jake Paul: Put his ass in with a real fighter


By: Julio Garcia

We often hear about the differences from generation to generation in boxing. We have gone from the best fighting the best to businesses men finding out how to market themselves and taking fewer risks. We have also joined the sideshow business as well.

YouTuber Jake Paul has a huge following online. That following has allowed him to jump into the boxing world and into boxing’s spotlight bypassing fighters that have dedicated their lives to the sport. This has not sat well with many of the older fans in boxing and it’s not sitting well with several pros in the sport. One of those pros is Ishe Smith.

“Fuck Jake Paul,” Tweeted Smith. “He proved nothing knocking Nate out. Boxing is the only sport that would have this clown making more than 90 percent of fighters. Put his ass in with a real fighter.”

“It’s bullshit. This sport allows bullshit. I’ma go play football right now, I can make the NFL or NBA. Fuck outta here.”